Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The World's Smallest Political Quiz

This is the world's smallest political quiz. It tends to piss-off liberals, fascists, socialists/communists, and mainstream Republicans*.

Respond to me with your results.

Centrists have neither balls nor convictions.

* I didn't list Democrats separately since I consider them a subset of socialists/communists.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

EXTREME Picatinney Rail

Do ya think that I might be overcompensating for something?

A Compensator! That's what I've forgotten!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gun Pron-1

A whole lotta truth here.

I just got back from teaching a bunch of boy and girl scouts basic rifle skills. We shot paper at first, but then finished-up with steel silhouettes, spinners, and a "dueling-tree".

The kids had so much fun they were glowing. Which was a good thing 'cuz the kids whined and weaseled "C'mon -- just one more target (25 rounds) -- pleeeeeeze!" until it was nearly dark.

The best thing that a parent or adult can do is to teach safe firearms-handling and marksmanship to the next generation.

It's 1936 -- All Over Again

The Berlin -- er, Beijing Olympics

Is anyone else out there as frustrated and incredulous as I am today? The Olympic games being hosted by Red China once again demonstrates our willingness to place profit above principle.

Have we forgotten the parody of the 1936 games hosted by Nazi Germany? I guess we have.

The Invasion of Poland -- er, Georgia

At the same time, are we seeing the repeat of the Blitzkrieg invasion of Poland from 1939? Russian armorer units pouring over the borders of Georgia is frighteningly reminiscent of this:
And once-again, the world sits by and yawns. This can only encourage Russian (and Chinese) adventurism/expansionism.

History repeats itself... ... once again.