Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mean Ol' Conservatives

Pretty darned funny and HUGELY true:

Best line: "Liberty is harder than slavery." And it's gonna get LOTS harder in the next few years, I fear.

Obama (just-barely) Orders a Burger W/O Teleprompter

In his defense, I imagine that it would be a tad difficult to stay task-focused while the entire MainStream Media is teabagging your nutsack.

Stand-by for next week's tough, hard-hitting expose of investigative reporting:

"President Obama Takes a Big Dump (with Corn Kernels)"

and the follow-up article:

"MainStream Media says it tastes like chocolate and smells like roses."

Where's MY Invitation?

U.S. Embassy Gay Pride Theme Party-- Baghdad, Iraq.

At first, I thought for sure that this was a hoax. No such luck -- reality is FAR STRANGER than any fiction that I can imagine:

I see that this is an event put on by a private group of State Dept employees. Oh well, State has been ass-fucking the USA for decades -- they might as well come out of the closet about it.

Thanks to Tami for the tip.

Monday, May 18, 2009


But nobody (in the MSM at least) seems to notice the contradictions.

Wanda Sykes Being Funny:

The Obama roast as it should have been:

Sigh -- only in an alternate universe.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

OK -- I'm Stunned!

I gotta give the POTUS credit when it is due. After weeeks of sucking Islamic scrotal sack by promising to release pix of US being mean to them, he made the correct call to keep the pictures classified, thereby minimizing jihadist attacks upon our deployed troops.

Even though he made this call belatedly and likely for political rather than moral reasons, I gotta give him an attaboy.