Sunday, November 9, 2008

Obamamessiah Vote "PRESENT" on Missile Defense

Damn -- this douchebag is really hitting the ground running. LOL!

Instead of responding strongly and forcefully to Russian President Dimitri Medvedev's announcement of fielding new missiles aimed at the West, he is profoundly quiet.

Now, a day later, he sends mixed signals to Poland's president on supporting missile defense. Then, when President Kaczynski announces O-man's support of continued missile defense, THE ONE once-again weasels-out by claiming that he "...voted for the missile defense before voting against it". Oh wait, that ain't right -- what his administration actually said was that "President-elect Obama made no commitment on missile defense...he supports deploying a missile-defense system (only) when the technology is proved to be viable." Mushy BULLSHIT!

I hate to link to BBC, but here it is:

Russia's leadership (Medvedev and Putin) has got to be high-fiving each other over the payoff from their contributions to the campaign. This has got to be the squishiest US Gov't since Teh Jimmeh and maybe since forever.

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