Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Logical & Honest Politician?!? -- BZ!

A politician in St. Louis makes the stunning observation that "The community has to be ready to defend itself...". Awesome!

Although this is an obvious fact to almost all multi-cellular organisms, it is refreshing for a politician to recognize that the citizens can better protect themselves than can the gov't. It is even more breathtaking for the politician to publicly articulate his fact.

Attaboy to Alderman Charles Quincy Troupe, 72 years old. Apparently, Alderman Troupe is also against red-light cameras (another BZ!). Apparently, the liberals of St. Lois are no great fans of his -- complaining that a 1 year old who fell outta a 2nd story window of one of his rental properties is somehow Troupe's fault (not maybe the child's parents' fault?).

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