Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Arrogance of Obama Versus the Arrogance of the MSM

Orson Scott Card's WorldWatch column has a good spin on this topic:

" was a delicious moment when President Obama made his condescending handshaking visit to the press room and got testy when the reporters insisted on asking him questions. "If you keep asking questions I won't be able to do this any more," he says, sternly, like a father saying, "Do I have to turn this car around?"

He was so arrogant that I laughed out loud.
And also unbelievably dumb about the press. This guy, who got the gentlest treatment by the press in any political campaign ever (while they made grossly unfair attacks on Palin), clearly despises them as a nuisance.

Maybe the fact that the press threw away their souls and their integrity during the Bush administration means that they have nothing left -- no personal, inner resources that will allow them to stand up to a president who despises them."

So far, the MSM is still assiduously applying several atmospheres of suction to the Anointed One's loins. A few cracks are starting to appear here and there, but it's still early yet.

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