Sunday, April 5, 2009

Compare & Contrast

The Odiot threatening the use of the UN and "harsh language" against the NORK missile launch:

Hans Brix threatening the use of an "angrily-worded letter from the UN" for WMD development:

Wow -- is this the quintessence of life imitating art or what?

We should have used our Aegis' SM-3+ missiles to knock this missile down, followed-up by wasting the launch-site with a sub-launched Tomahawk strike. But that might have seemed arrogant to our Euroweenie "allies".

Perhaps instead, the Odiot will cancel the misile-defense site in eastern Europe. Then he can follow-up by scrapping all of OUR Nukes while allowing Iran, NorK, etc. to contionue development/fielding of the same. HEY -- I GOT AN IDEA! WE CAN SIMPLY GIVE OUR OLD NUKES TO THESE THIRD-WORLD SHITHOLES, THEREBY MITIGATING THEIR NATIONAL INFERIORITY COMPLEXES. Thereafter, peace, love, and rainbow-shitting unicorns will reign throughout the World.

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