Friday, June 12, 2009


The AmeriCorps Inspector General (IG) accuses prominent Obama supporter of misusing AmeriCorps grant money:

He had the the Americorps "volunteers" wash his car, engage in school-board political activities, and run personal errands for him.

The prominent Obama supporter (also ex NBA star and mayor of Sacramento, CA) has to pay back more than $400,000 (<50%) of that grant money.

Obama's office then tries to illegally fire the AmeriCorps IG, giving him 1 hour notice.

But Obama does not have the authority to summarily dismiss an IG as he tried to do last night.

This is the sort of scandal that an average Americn can understand, and is likely traceable to VERY CLOSE to the Odiot himself. If only it gets coverage in the media, it could be a reputation-killing scandal.
Oh -- never-mind, nothing to see here. Move along.

h/t to Stop the ACLU

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