Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Doin' the Happy Dance -- BIG TIME!

The Floater is finally dead. Looking for a LARGE toxic landfill for his final resting place.

I hope Hell's Demons have especially hot, spiky hard-ons for his eternal butt-rogering.

The world is FINALLY free from an evil, venal, self-obsessive, socialistic rat-bastard.

To paraphrase others -- "Mary Jo Koepechne remains unavailable for comment."

Next in-line: Bobby "Kleagle" Byrd.

---And for those who may object to my display of schadenfreude implicit in this post, please note that I despised him in life and his death has no impact on my opinion of him, his actions, and his beliefs. His death only impacts his ability to impose his dysfuctional beliefs/laws upon this country.
---Just to warn you-all ahead of time, I will again do the happy-dance when Osama Bin-Laden is decapitated by a Hellfire missile.

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