Saturday, July 4, 2009

Results of an "...exceptionally frank discussion." in Iran

Would this be happening if the USA had given even the slightest intimation that we would support the dissidents in Iran?

Gee -- that "frank discussion" must hurt!

Of course, overthrow of the Iranian Islamic "Republic" would torpedo Obama's plans to hold talks with the mullahs (i.e. lick their ballocks) over their nuclear program, thereby eliminating an opportunity to fake a diplomatic victory.

Meanwhile, on the OTHER side of the world:

While, at the same time that he is ignoring the option of providing ANY support to the Iranian dissidents, "The Obama administration said Wednesday it has suspended joint military operations with Honduras to protest a coup that forced President Manuel Zelaya into exile. The U.S. withheld stronger action in hopes of negotiating a peaceful return of the country’s elected leader."

Suspicious minds are speculating that some in the current administration may be afeared of a country's military asserting its obligation to " and defend the Constitution ... against all enemies, foreign and domestic..." like we are seeing in Honduras today.

Gawd! Unlike MichelleO, this is only the first time that I have ever been ashamed to be an American.

Back story is here.

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