Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the Death of Feminism by Phyllis Chesler

Apologies for the snarky tone of my earlier post that expressed surprise that Ms. Chesler, a member of a Women's Studies faculty, had actually produced work of practical import. This gives more background and insight into the development of her ideology.

Apologies again. Ms. Chesler -- you are truly impressive.

"In recent years, I fear that the "peace and love" crowd in the West has refused to understand how Islamism endangers Western values and lives, beginning with our commitment to women's rights and human rights. The Islamists who are beheading civilians, stoning Muslim women to death, jailing Muslim dissidents, and bombing civilians on every continent are now moving among us both in the East and in the West. While some feminist leaders and groups have come to publicize the atrocities against women in the Islamic world, they have not tied it to any feminist foreign policy. Women's studies programs should have been the first to sound the alarm. They do not. More than four decades after I was a virtual prisoner in Afghanistan, I realize how far the Western feminist movement has to go.

Based upon the Death of Feminism by Phyllis Chesler, copyright 2005 by the author, and printed with permission of St. Martin's Press, LLC."

Ya just gotta read it all here.

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