Saturday, February 7, 2009

Elemental Evil

What a hideous hag from hell! I guess the outside sometimes does reflect what is inside.

This bitch takes young rape-victims and twists them into terrorist suicide-murderers. Helped (of course) with the beautiful teachings of the Koran and Islam (ptui!):

0.000001 on the Hotness Scale / 1E27 on the Evil Scale

There is a short video here.

h/t to the ALWAYS GREAT Pam Geller.

P.S. The article also implies that her ring of cohorts also planned and executed the rapes. I didn't catch that on the first read. Hell ain't hot-enough. I am SOOO GLAD that our new president is cancelling the GWoT and seeking a mutual accomodation with Islamic-Supremacism (a.k.a. Dhimmitude).

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